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Christmas On Main Street City of Lights Tour
12/3/2023 - 12/16/2023
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Holiday Open House/Elected Officials Recpetion
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Making the Most of Your Membership - Member Orientation Afternoon Session
12/19/2023 - 12/19/2023
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Making the Most of Your Membership - Member Orientation Morning Session
12/19/2023 - 12/19/2023
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Goddard Chamber 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities
1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
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Goddard Chamber Chairman's & President's Circle 2024
1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
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Goddard Chamber January 2024 Luncheon
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Events in the month of October 2023
There are three seats open for the Goddard City Council in 2023. Nine candidates have registered to run in the election to take place on Tuesday, November 7. An invitation has been sent to all nine candidates to participate in the Forum. 

The City Council Candidate Forum hosted by the Goddard Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Amanda Treadwell - Keller Williams Signature Partners LLC, is a chance to learn more about the views of the candidates running to represent the citizens of Goddard. The Goddard Chamber of Commerce is non-bias and does not endorse candidates. 

The Forum will be open to the public but will be limited to the first 300 Goddard Citizens to register. Please be sure to read the following rules for the Forum:
  1. Open to the public but limited to 300 Goddard Citizens. 
  2. Attendees must be pre-registered on the Goddard Chamber registration system to attend. If you are not registered you will not be allowed to attend. 
  3. The Forum will be broadcast on Facebook Live on the Goddard Chamber of Commerce Facebook page as well on on the What's Up Goddard Facebook page. 
  4. Questions from citizens MUST be submitted in advance of the Forum. The Forum will be moderated and pre-submitted questions will be asked. The Forum will NOT be open to questions from the audience. 
  5. Anyone can submit a question and as many questions will be asked as possible during the Forum time permitting. 
  6. Questions will not be taken from the Live feeds during the Forum. Questions MUST BE SUBMITTED IN ADVANCE on the Goddard Chamber of Commerce question submission link. 
  7. The Forum will NOT be an open debate between candidates or candidates/audience. 
  8. Candidates will have two minutes to respond to each question asked. A timer will be set and Candidates will be strictly held to two minutes per response. 
  9. Questions will not be given to the Candidates in advance of the Forum. All candidates will have the same amount of time to prepare their responses. 
  10. We ask that all audience members be respectful, show all candidates the courtesy of responding and stay seated during the Forum unless exiting the Forum room. 
  11. The Forum will begin at 6pm and end at 8pm. Check in for the audience will begin at 5:30pm. 
  12. We ask that audience members do not save seats as seating is limited. 
  13. Attendees may be asked to present photo ID and/or voter registration to show proof of address. We want to make sure the Forum is open those who can vote in this specific election. 
  14. Registration does not guarantee a seat at the Forum. Attendees will be notified with confirmation on attendance a week before the Forum. Preference will be given to Goddard residents who are registered to vote. 
  15. If you register and are not able to attend, please contact the Goddard Chamber as soon as possible at so that we have time to fill that seat. 
10/6/2023 - 10/7/2023
Goddard Chamber Beer Garden Sponsored by Goddard Central Wine & Spirits, Cutwater and NUTRL
Friday, Oct. 6 4pm – 10pm(ish)
Saturday, Oct. 7 11am – 10pm(ish)
Enjoy a tasty beverage in the Goddard Chamber Beer Garden sponsored by Goddard Central Wine & Spirits, Cutwater and NUTRL located in West Linear Park in the Main Stage Concert area. The Beer Garden will be Card only. No cash will be accepted.
Buttons will be required in the Beer Garden and Concert area after 3pm. NO OUTSIDE ADULT BEVERAGES or coolers will be allowed at any time during the Goddard Fall Festival. This includes Linear Park and Main Street. Without a button you will not have access to the concert area which will be fenced and blocked from outside view. Goddard Police Department as well as security will be on the premises.
Three Beer Garden Locations in the Concert Area:
South Garden open 11am – 10pm
12oz. beer on tap including Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart and Warbeard. Cutwater Canned Cocktails and NUTRL Vodka Seltzer will also be offered in a can.
Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart, Warbeard, and Seltzer - $6
Cutwater -$8
Games in the South Beer Garden from 11am – 4pm

Each player stands behind the goals and attempt to catch the frisbee before it hits the ground. 3 points for a clean pass through the goal, 1 point if you knock a cup onto the ground. A team loses 1 point if they fail to catch the frisbee before it hits the ground and there is a 3 point penalty to a player who drops their beer plus you must finish everyone’s beer before playing continues. First to 11 wins.
Giant Pong
Players on each team must take turns shooting the ball. The ball can bounce or fall directly into the bucket for a score. Once a player makes a shot into the bucket, you remove that bucket from play. The first team that has no buckets left wins.
North Garden open 5pm – 10pm
12oz Cans: Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart and Warbeard. Cutwater Canned Cocktails and NUTRL Vodka Seltzer will also be offered.
Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart, Warbeard, and Seltzer - $6
Cutwater -$8
VIP Seating Area (VIP ticket holders only) open 7pm – 10pm:
12oz Cans: Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart and Warbeard. Cutwater Canned Cocktails and NUTRL Vodka Seltzer will also be offered.
Busch Light, Ultra, Mango Cart, Warbeard, and Seltzer - $6
Cutwater -$8
Join us for a Movie Night in the Park! Board games, yard games and free popcorn and drinks! Make sure to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Sponsored by the Goddard Public Library, City of Goddard and Goddard Chamber of Commerce.
Thank you for registering to participate in the Goddard Fall Festival 2023. The Goddard Fall Festival has two vendor categories: Arts and Crafts and Vendors. 

The main vendor portion of the 2023 Goddard Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, October 7 beginning at 8am and concluding Saturday evening.  Vendor activities will take place along Main Street and in Linear Park. 

Vendor Cost:
Category A - Non-Profit Booths no food sold 16' W X 10'W space:  $35.00  : 

Category B - Commercial, Arts/Crafts, consumer product/services, games, raffle. Non-profit FOOD Booths and activities (this includes giving away free drinks/or food)  15' W X 10'W space: $50.00

Category C - Food Booths- Booths that will be selling food or drinks (DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD TRUCKS):  $75.00

Extra Day Category A-C - $30.00 (Limited availability. Price is $30.00 extra per day for Friday and Sunday)

Food Trucks - One Day:  $75.00

Food Trucks - Two Day Vendor:  $125.00

Set up: Traffic will be blocked on Main Street from 2nd Street at 8am Saturday, Oct. 7. Stay tuned for other traffic information as the event gets closer. 

Vendor deliveries (which need to be made by vehicle) need to be completed before 8 am on Saturday, Oct. 7. 

Check In: Check in for booth locations will take place Saturday, Oct. 7 from 6:30am to 8am. 

Special Requests: Special requests such as booth location, or booth placement for similar vendors, must be made in writing by September 15. All requests will be taken into consideration, however, we cannot guarantee booth placement. 

Please note: No Tables or Chairs will be provided. 

Refunds: No refunds will be issued for inclement weather or no shows. 

Responsibility for Loss or Theft: Vendors shall be solely responsible for any loss, theft or damage to property or work displayed and will not hold the City of Goddard, Goddard Fall Festival Committee or Goddard Chamber of Commerce for liability of such. By registering your booth, you agree to these terms.

Rejection: The Goddard Fall Festival Committee reserve the right to reject any entry into the Goddard Fall Festival for any reason. 

State Regulations: Collecting Sales Tax at special events ensures a level playing field to all customers and vendors, maintains tax compliance with Kansas tax laws and regulations, and improves the local economy. Sales tax is paid to the retailer/vendor by the consumer, remitted to the State by the retailer/vendor and distributed by the State to the City and County where the sale is made. 

Kansas requires that all persons and entities making retail sales, collecting admissions, and/or renting a tangible personal property in Kansas, collect and remit sales tax, even if selling only one time per year. This includes not-for-profit organizations that are not tax-exempt. 

Booth Payment can be made via credit card with online registration or by mail per the following:

Goddard Chamber of Commerce
Attn: Goddard Fall Festival 
PO Box 244 
Goddard, KS 67052

Please make Checks Payable to the Goddard Chamber of Commerce. 

For more information, please contact the Goddard Chamber of Commerce: or 316-833-8385.


US107.9 is proud to present John Michael Montgomery along with Genesis Health Club, Blast Off Bay and Hampton Inn Goddard to the 2023 Goddard Fall Festival on Saturday, October 7.

Opening Acts: Jared Brown and the Dirt Road Misfits and The 99.

To purchase buttons or VIP Tickets visit

Buttons are required to attend.

Buttons are $20 in advance and will be only available by Will Call at the Goddard Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Limited VIP Tickets are also available for $100. VIP tickets include a Fall Festival Button, catered Meal, access to the VIP section and a select number of complimentary beverages.

Buttons required in stage area/Beer Garden after 3pm.
Opening acts at 5pm include Jared Brown and the Dirt Road Misfits and The 99.

For every button purchased you will be entered into a drawing to win a meet and greet with John Michael Montgomery prior to the headline show. Winners will be announced live on US107.9 during the event preview interview TBD during the week before the Goddard Fall Festival. Meet and Greet is for one person only. Seven Meet and Greets will be drawn from Button purchases.

VIP Tickets are limited and available at an additional cost.

Some activities and products available at the 2023 Goddard Fall Festival are not included in the button purchase and cost extra.

John Michael Montgomery presented by 107.9 KWLS

John Michael Montgomery has turned an uncanny ability to relate to fans into one of country music’s most storied careers. Behind the string of hit records, the roomful of awards and the critical and fan accolades that have defined his phenomenal success lies a connection that goes beyond his undeniable talent and his proven knack for picking hits. Since the days when “Life’s A Dance” turned him from an unknown artist into a national star, John Michael’s rich baritone has carried that most important of assets—believability. Few artists in any genre sing with more heart than this handsome Kentucky-born artist.

It is readily apparent in love songs that have helped set the standard for a generation. Songs like “I Swear,” “I Love the Way You Love Me” and “I Can Love You Like That” still resonate across the landscape—pop icon and country newcomer Jessica Simpson cited “I Love The Way You Love Me” as an influence in a recent interview. It is apparent in the 2004 hit “Letters From Home,” one of the most moving tributes to the connection between soldiers and their families ever recorded, and in “The Little Girl,” a tale of redemption that plumbs both the harrowing and the uplifting. It is apparent even in the pure fun that has always found its way into John Michael’s repertoire—songs like “Be My Baby Tonight” and “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident),” where John Michael’s vocal earnestness takes musical whimsy to another level.

John Michael’s origins lie in deceptively modest beginnings. He was born in Danville, Kentucky, to parents who imparted a lifelong love of music.

“Where most people have chairs and sofas in their living rooms,” laughs John Michael, “we had amplifiers and drum kits.”

The family band played on weekends throughout the area, and John Michael and his brother Eddie eagerly soaked up everything about it.

“To a certain extent,” he says, “my dad always had a natural ability to draw fans and entertain people; I don’t care if it was on the front porch, the living room, or on a stage. I think that transitioned to me and my brother being able to do that on stage.”

John Michael took over lead singing chores after his parents divorced, and he performed for a while in a band called Early Tymz with Eddie and their friend Troy Gentry. Nashville talent scouts began hearing about and then seeing John Michael perform and by the early ‘90s he had a record deal.

The hits followed steadily, with songs like “Rope The Moon,” “If You’ve Got Love,” “No Man’s Land,” “Cowboy Love,” “As Long As I Live,” “Friends” and “How Was I To Know” establishing him as one of the elite acts of the era. He received the CMA Horizon award and was named the ACM’s Top New Vocalist, setting off a long series of awards that included the CMA’s Single and Song of the Year, Billboard’s Top Country Artist, and a Grammy nomination. Heavy touring meant he kept the close touch with fans he had begun in the clubs back home.

“You get to know your fans and what they like more and more through the years,” he says, “and you kind of gravitate towards one another.”

Indeed, he has always had an extraordinarily close relationship with his fans, and they have stayed with him through good and bad times.

Asked what he thinks gave him the edge in a career that calls millions but gives stardom to just a few, he pauses, then thinks back to the legacy of his parents.

“I reckon it was good genes and good blood,” he says with a smile. Few who know the depth and breadth of his own growing legacy would disagree.


The Goddard Chamber October Luncheon sponsored by Iron Insurance Partners 

Join us to network with fellow Chamber members, learn more about The Goddard Chamber and hear an update on what is happening in your community! 

Advance registration is required to attend. Online Registration ends on Wednesday, October 11 at Noon. If registering after that time, please contact the Goddard Chamber 316-833-8385 or
Advance registration is required to attend. 
Start your Saturday with Story Time! Saturday Story Time is the third Saturday of the month. Join us for a fun-filled 30 minute session that incorporates books, songs, and activities to build early literacy skills. Story Time is geared towards ages 2-6.
We're thrilled to invite all our amazing customers and friends to a truly special event - our Grand Remodel Celebration!
Get ready for an unforgettable evening of fun, and fantastic surprises as we reveal our brand new look! We've been hard at work to create a fresh and exciting space for you to shop, and now it's time to share it with you.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be at 4:00 PM. Join us for the official unveiling of our new space!
Tastings throughout the store; Whiskey, Wine, Cocktails and Craft beer as you explore the changes we have made to serve you better.
Enjoy special discounts and offers during this celebration.
Enter to win some incredible prizes!
We can't wait to share this exciting moment with you, our loyal customers, who have made this renovation possible. Your support means the world to us, and we want to celebrate with you!
Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and let's make this Grand Remodel Celebration one for the books!

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